Friday, February 15, 2013

Audio Recording: Resting Your Ears is a Must

In my opinion and by most accounts no one should do the whole record, mix, master processes all in the same day. But if it is something that has to be done then lengthy breaks are required for your ears to achieve optimal performance level.

Not only will you yourself, experience exhaustion, but both your ears and your brain will get tired as well. When your brain and ears get tired they do not process the sound the same way. Your ears actually have moving hairs inside of them that move back and fourth when they encounter sound. When you listen to something at a loud volume for-to-long, the hairs get tired and instead of standing up right to catch the sound and transmit it to the brain properly, they lay down and cause your ears not to hear certain frequencies . This is why it is a must to give your ears a break if you want to hear everything correctly.


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