Saturday, March 16, 2013

M-S Miking for a Change of Pace

Have you ever been in that position when you record an instrument or a vocal and it seems to sound like just what you want when recording but during play back you just can't seem to get that sound back? Then maybe it is time to try a different Miking technique.

Mid-Side miking (M-S) is a great way to try to pick up a good sound from all the way around the sound source. Even better, after you have recorded, you will be able to in theory change the way the microphones are picking up the sound without rerecording it. This could really help when your stressed for time and going back into the studio just can't be accommodated; this miking technique can really help open up some options.

Now, you do need two particular type of microphones for mid-side miking. A cardioid pattern microphone and a microphone set at a bi-directional pattern. The Cardioid will be facing straight at the source capturing the direct sound, and the bi-directional microphone will be placed perpendicular to the diaphragm of the cardioid microphone. This should give you a nice stereo sound with options to play with later when mixing.

Obviously, everyone is going to have their own opinion and not everyone is going to like this miking method. But (M-S) miking is the oldest form of stereo miking technique you can use. The best thing to me about this system is if you do not get the sound you are looking for, it shouldn't be a big deal, it's not like it takes 5 hours to set it up, five minutes is more like it, and if it does not work it takes five minutes to take down. But if it does work, that is five minutes well spent time.

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